Pokémon Go update- Buddy System added for an easier levelling

Pokémon Go update- Buddy System added for an easier levelling

Apr 08

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Niantic has been always trying and putting in efforts to enhance the Pokémon Go game for its users. With a lot of updates coming up to improve the gaming experience for its users, a lot of game lovers are also searching for other ways to find Pokemon go hack ios to enhance their game. Well, the next update that Niantic has come up with is to make levelling easier in the game.

Thanks to the recent update which has introduced Buddy system to make levelling easier. However, the levelling issues were always there in the game, especially when XP is scaled as you go to higher levels or may be that scaling doesn’t exists at all. Levelling to levels after crossing 20 can be like a crush in the game.  The latest feature known as buddy system that is added will help the users to face this problem and improve overall game play as well.

Also, you can choose a Pokémon that seems to be near your trainer and will award them various boosts to help them. With the new Buddy system, you will now be able to choose your favourite Pokémon from your collection to make it your best buddy, unleash amazing in game experiences and rewards.

Buddy Pokémon can be seen on your profile, beside your trainer’s avatar, adding much wanted bonuses like a Candy especially for walking together. You can also change the buddy Pokémon you had chosen any time you wish to.

This means you can modify your Pokémon that you chose as a buddy any time and exchanging the bonuses as and when you need them while playing the game. Eventually this will make it easy for you to capture Pokémon and various other events that allocate you XP, making it quite easy to go a next level.


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