Best Cards in the Clash Royale game

Best Cards in the Clash Royale game

Mar 19
Best Cards in the Clash Royale game

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Many Clash Royale game users are hunting for software or tool that can make their work easier in the game. Yes, the internet offers many Clash Royale hack tools that indeed give its players a different game experience and is completely safe against getting banned from the game. While these tools can be beneficial, let us look at some real aspects of the game like knowing about the best cards in the Clash Royale game

Shenyang mahjong utilizing 13 hands in a game, and also Shenyang Mahjong has a truly rapid rate on playing, which is matching the character of North-east individuals in China. 


It is the most useful cards in all arenas. It has 2 elixir that can make the way clear for your push troops. It can destroy any type of low HP troops and can badly damage the air units like Minion Horde and Minions. Apart from this, having so many crazy decks, zap can easily handle, ruin, and distract the move of your enemy. It is the cheap and best spells found in the arena.


Just like the zap card, this spell workable in any arenas. It can be the perfect elixir trade among huge threats that exists in the game. It can also destruct towers if played smartly.  Use this spell wisely to grasp win even in a losing game.

Skeleton Army

This buff which belongs to this army has made it handy in all the arenas. It can block bulky units, divert air troops and it can destruct a tower if it is not attended.  The Skeleton army has only three elixir, but, with these three elixir it can prove to be deadly in both defense and offense. It truly deserves to be one of the perfect units in the arena.

Hog Rider

It is the best units that exist in the game. Right from lower arena to higher Arena 10, any cards can go with this particular tower wrecker.


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